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Sarthak Fortune - Commercial

Modern retail shops in Gandhinagar have evolved into a complex business function. With a prime location, value-added facilities, and overall ambiance, positioning your brand in the right shop can add immense value to your business and brand. Create the winning combination for your business by choosing the right retail shop in Gandhinagar.

Sarthak Fortune offers prime commercial shops and office spaces in Gandhinagar, with an ace location and an entire complex dedicated to the retail revolution. Redefine upscale retailing and position your brand in the right premises for added value.

Be a part of the revolution and make a fortune!

LOCATION Gandhinagar
DEVELOPER Rudra Corporation
ARCHITECT Manish Mehta
CONFIG 65 Units

Ther is only one boss - The Customer

Sarthak Fortune creates a unique ambience that enhance shopping experience. Witness promotional road shows in the mall which shall increase foot falls, food courts inside shall compliment the shopping experience, and plush feel of the mall shall elevate your brand's image in the mind's of customer.

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